Our 12 MONTH Program Teaches ANYONE How To Build a 6 Figure Amazon Business - with one-on-one guidance through every step.

Amazon FBA University


The Amazon Accelerator 2.0 
Private Mentorship Program

A 12 MONTH direct coaching program that guides you through building your own Private Label Brand

Taught by Amazon FBA University Founders Michael & Ryan

> Unlimited 1-on-1 Video Coaching Calls
> Private Slack for daily questions answered
> Monthly LIVE Q&As with the entire Accelerator 2.0 community
> Product Validation
> Vetted Manufacturers/Photographers and Shipping Companies
> Access to the FBA University Vault of (templates, SOPs & freelancers)

(With Unlimited 1:1 Access to Michael & Ryan throughout the LIFE of the PROGRAM)

The FBA University Mentors

Michael Wishko (@wishzen)

Former Corporate CPA
> Sold $400k on Amazon USA First Year (2020)
> Currently owns three Amazon Brands
> Based in Austin TX

Ryan Johnson (@theFBAInvestor)

Former Management Consultant
> Sold $400k on Amazon UK First Year (2019)
> Growing Amazon brands in USA and UK mks
> Based in London UK

 Become One of Our Many Successful Students!

Here's Pablo who did OVER $14,000 his FIRST MONTH!

Ryan and Pablo discuss his meteoric rise from 'dabbling' in Amazon to joining the Amazon Accelerator program and dominating his first product launch!

Here's Cody who did $9,000+ his First 30 DAYS after Launch

Cody & Michael discuss his experience in the Accelerator program and how he was able to create a product, manufacturer it and launch with success his FIRST TRY!

Deen sold over $18,000 Within the first 2 Months of Launching his First Amazon Product 

Deen and Michael talk about how he went from having no eCommerce experience to selling through $18k in two months with his first-ever product on Amazon.

Joe Launched his First Product to Over $5k/mo While Working Full Time

Joe juggled a full-time job with a demanding role to launch his first-ever product to $5k/mo. Now he's looking for product number two.

Anthony Was Able to QUIT His 9-5 Job After Selling $15k+ His First Couple Months with Amazon FBA

Anthony joined the Accelerator program and scaled his first product to $15k+. He's since launched several more and has quit the rat race to become a full-time FBA Seller.

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The Amazon Accelerator 2.0 

  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching Calls
  • Access to Private Slack Group Managed DAILY
  • Accelerator 2.0 Course: 14 hour Step by Step Tutorials
  • ​Product Verification
  • ​50+ Excel, PDF and Document Templates (FBA University Vault)
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Course and FBA 
  • ​Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls
  • ​[BONUS] How to Get Brand Registered
  • ​[BONUS] Vetted Manufacturers, Photographers and Shipping Companies
  • ​Limited Spots Each Month... Now Accepting New Entrants

Want to Learn the Amazon Secrets &
 Work 1-on-1 with Michael & Ryan?  👉 

Whether you want a life-long career in eCommerce, or you're just trying to get your feet wet and start making money online...

Amazon FBA is without a doubt the #1 skill you can scale and sell your business.

You'll learn invaluable psychological triggers that will help you in the future if you eventually want to start your own business.

Furthermore, it will bleed into other areas of your life.

It'll help you build confidence and take control of the decisions in your life.

Still Not Convinced? Here Are Just A Few Of Our Recent Wins From Inside Our Community

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